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Require a recommendation

We’ve recently found out that our book supplier for our Black Writers collection in the library has become defunct (One World). Can anybody suggest a new distributor? Thanks.

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  1. ealingonline
    October 24, 2012 at 9:57 am


    Ealing Libraries selects stock from Bookscan Library Services. They provide a monthly list on their website at http://www.bookscanlibraryservices.co.uk and offer Black Writers, South Asian authors, LGBT and smaller independent publishers often overlooked by the core suppliers. We also have a standing order with them for our black romances. They are London based 62-64, Culvert Road, London, SW11 5AR and the proprietor is Mr Ira Flaherty 020 7585 3003. We have been buying stock for several years, particularly for our Central Library and I can recommend the service, both in the selection offered and for the accuracy of the invoicing and speed of delivery.

    Kind regards Julie

    Julie Williams Stock Development Officer Ealing Libraries Support Services West Ealing Library Melbourne Avenue London W13 9BT

    jwilliams@ealing.gov.uk 020 8825 7164

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